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What You Need to Know About Birthstones

People of the old believed in having luck through wearing their birthstones, this is something that is still being practiced up to this day. Birthstones are naturally occurring gemstones that are believed to represent the month of birth of an individual. Birthstones are associated with different months of the year. These stones are differentiated by their colors, their nature and also their value. You will find people putting on the birthstones as a piece of jewelry. Here is a discussion of some information that you need to know about birthstones. View here for more details about these stones.

Garnets are associated with January. The birthstone for January is garnets that exist in different colors. Though most people only know of red garnet, garnets exist in green color, blue, pink rhodolite garnets among others. Their different colors make them suitable for a selection depending on the taste and preference of an individual. Their value is also determined by their color, among the most expensive garnet is the green garnet which is also referred to as the tsavorite. IN Egyptian traditions, they believe that garnets are the best antidotes for poisonous snake bites and also food poisoning. Because they are natural hard stones, they are durable and their colors won't fade away.

The month of February is associated with the amethyst stone. For those who were born in February, amethyst is their birthstone. This stone is in the family of quartz and it exists in purple color which can range from pale to rich deep purple color. This type of birthstone is easily available and affordable in most jewelry shops in different sizes and shapes s well. The Greeks believed that when you put on jewelry made from amethyst, you are protected from any form of intoxication. You must take protective measures to ensure it is free of scratches. For more details about these stones, click at https://meanings.crystalsandjewelry.com.

The birthstone for March is the Aquamarine. Aquamarine is found in pale blue color. The most desired type of aquamarine is one that doesn’t have any shades of green or grey in it. They exist in large sizes and they are also one of the hardest gemstones, it belongs to the large family where the emerald stone comes form. Some times aquamarine stones need to be heated in a fire to remove yellow traces that occur naturally. It is believed to be the perfect gift to those people who sail most of their lives. It is a symbol of youth, hope and also good health. We will cover more birthstones in our next article on birthstones.

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